Two insatiably curious and inventive young girls must develop an uncontrollable currency to break the power of the all-powerful elite that rule their society.

A novel for children – and adults – who desire to know more about how economics, technology, and human nature interact to create our financial reality.

“Wildly inventive storytelling which reduces complex economics into child-sized bites.  After reading, I think I finally understand how Bitcoins work!” Dr Aaron Hawkins, Professor, Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering, Brigham Young University, author of The Year Money Grew on Trees.

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Engaging with economics through fiction

In a world filled with giant beasts and vast jungles, humanity has fortified itself inside massive hive cities where uncounted millions labour to keep ancient technology running. Despite having every aspect of their lives rigidly controlled, Wimax and Leodie want to know more about their world. Tinkering with forgotten technology, they discover a way to change the economic fabric of their society: a new, uncontrollable currency. But their invention threatens to disrupt a balance of power preserved for thousands of years by the ruthless Queen’s Court.

With only their wits and bravery to help them, Wimax, and Leodie must now find a way to finalize their new currency without being caught and exiled into the terrifying Green Zone.

As the story unfolds, Antwork introduces more than 100 key concepts from 21st Century economics and technological innovation. From the origins of money to modern-day digital currencies, cryptography and cryptocurrencies, an extensive glossary with detailed descriptions helps readers take these concepts out of the story and understand how they exist in the real world.

Antwork is perfect for those – children or adults – who desire to know more about how economics, technology, and human nature interact to create our financial reality.

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Praise for Antwork

“Understanding the basics of economics, debts, and modern technology up to cryptocurrencies is a task that even grown ups struggle with. It is no surprise that it plays only a minor role in today’s educational system and as such, I cannot emphasize enough how important Antwork will be in teaching our children. Its presentation is perfect for the complex task it tries to solve. And it requires someone as Anders Drachen, with a deep understanding of the subject and long experience in teaching complex matters to young adults, to write such a surprisingly easy to understand and entertaining novel that also parents will love – and I’m sure also learn a lot from.”

Dr Christian Thurau, Director of Data Science & Analytics, N26 Group

“Antwork can be a revolutionary work to introduce children (but not only children!) to complex topics like economy and also important future technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies in an understandable and engaging way. Actually, I would absolutely like to read and learn in this way myself about these topics. This is just a brilliant idea and I really hope that this is only the beginning of a series of books set in the ant-universe. I absolutely love this work.”

Dr Johanna Pirker, Graz University of Technology, Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science, Forbes 30 under 30 in Science and Healthcare 2018


“An educational tour de force about often misunderstood concepts in money and finance, wrapped into an entertaining story playing in a fictional animal world used to draw witty analogies … While written for children, adults can surely learn a thing or two as well!”

Dr Michel Rauchs, Research Affiliate, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, University of Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

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